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5 Private Uses For Golf Cars


Welcome to today’s post from JC Golf Cars in Gering — Nebraska’s number one dealer of gas-powered golf cars, electric golf cars, and both new and used models of both. At JC Golf Cars, we’re legitimate golf car enthusiasts. You see, we understand the freedom, flexibility, and utility of owning a new or used golf car, and we’ve made it our mission to share those ideas with others.

Today, we will take a look at five ways that private owners of golf cars employ them for fun, work, and other tasks while recommending some of the current models available that are ideal for accomplishing each of these five uses.

To learn more about JC Golf Cars, our full service and maintenance department, or to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives, give us a call, or visit us online and fill out a form to let us know what we can help you with.

Golf Cars for Work

Out here in and around Gering, we help lots of folks with finding the perfect gas-powered or electric golf car to help them accomplish tasks around their property. While some people prefer sportier, mini recreation vehicles, many of them find that the Cushman Hauler series of Golf cars are actually more ideal for getting work done. Coming in fuel-efficient electric models as well as more powerful gas models, the Cushman Hauler series is excellent for even the toughest of jobs around the ranch. Check out the models below to learn more.

Golf Cars for Play

Golf cars make great little work-horses but they also make for fun companions as well. Take your golf car out with the family, the grandkids, or just as a way to enjoy the beautiful weather or early morning sunrise. Our extensive lineup of new and used golf cars ensure that you can find something that you’ll love to drive and ride in. For something simple, but fun, check out the E-Z-GO Valor. For an offroad adventure with a friend, you’ll want to learn more about the E-Z-GO Express.

Golf Cars for Convenience

Depending on where you live, firing up the car for a short drive to the neighborhood cafe or grocery store might seem like overkill. On the same hand, a covered drive in the cool breeze might be the best way to pick up the last few ingredients for dinner or to jump over to a friends house for an evening of cards and laughter. Golf cars make a great alternative to your traditional transportation and they sure as heck beat walking. 

Golf Cars for Customization

So you like to fiddle with engines, soup up cars, and generally, enjoy being told that whatever you are driving around in is “pretty cool.” However, you’ve also been told that it’s time to reign in the budget and stop spending so much on your “tinkering habit.” A new or used golf car from JC Golf Cars might be the perfect alternative. Golf cars engines are a blast to tweak on the number of customizations you can do to make a once fairly simple machine into a head-turning beauty include tires, wheels, seats, accessories, sound systems, paint jobs, decals, body-mods, and lighting options just to name a few.

Golf Cars for — Well — Golf

There is also, of course, the ever-so-popular use of golf cars in the actual game of golf. And at JC Golf Cars, chances are good that we have the perfect model to help you speed up travel time between holes, save your legs, and avoid having to haul your bag with you everywhere. From affordable, simple models that do everything you need without the frills — like the E-Z-GO Valor — to sleek, silent electric models that will run laps around their older counterparts — like the E-Z-GO Freedom TXT (which also comes with a gas-powered option if you prefer that) — we’ve got the perfect golf car to augment your gold game.

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No matter what the reason is that you’re seeking out a new or used, electric or gas-powered golf car, JC Golf Cars has the inventory, experience, and prices to meet your needs. Stop by our sales floor in Gering today, or contact us to let us know what you’re looking for and what questions we can help you with.