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Electric Golf Cars Versus Gas Golf Cars

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Make The Right Choice For Your Lifestyle

Is An Electric Golf Car Or A Gas Golf Car Right For Me?

It’s time for a new golf car, but you need to decide which style of ride is right for you — an electric golf car or a gas golf car? Making the right choice is a crucial step towards feeling satisfied and well-served by your purchase.

Continue reading to learn more about all of the advantages and disadvantages of both electric and gas-powered golf cars. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert golf car sales team here at JC Golf Cars in Gering, and when you're ready to buy, stop by and visit us for unparalleled selection and service.

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The Perfect Golf Car For You

Both electric golf cars and gas golf cars offer tremendous benefits to their owners, but it is absolutely true to say that there’s a very good chance one of them is a better fit for your needs, lifestyle, and budget than the other.


Zero Emission - Electric golf cars emit zero emissions while running.

Noise - Electric golf cars are significantly less noisy than gas models and almost silent when not moving.

Cost - MOST electric golf cars are less expensive than comparable gas-powered golf cars.

Maintenance - With fewer moving parts, you’ll spend less on fixes and maintenance on your electric golf car.


Speed - Gas golf cars are typically quicker and better suited to road-based transportation in your community.

Payload - Gas golf cars are superior as workhorses and when carrying more, or heavier, passengers.

Fast Fills-ups - Refueling is quick, so you can spend more time in your gas golf car than an electric model.

Custom Options - Gas golf cars usually come with more factory options than an electric and have more aftermarket options, too.

JC Golf Cars Offers A Wide Variety Of Both Styles

At JC Golf Cars, we carry both new and used golf cars for sale. Our lineup of brand new golf cars — both gas and electric — will remain fairly stable. However, we are always looking for used golf cars of all makes and models that are in good condition, so we suggest making a stop by the lot before settling in on an option you see online (unless your heart is set on it, in which case we always say you should trust your gut).

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Why Choose JC Golf Car For Your Next Gas Or Electric Golf Car?

Once your research into whether an electric golf car or a gas golf car is completed and you are ready to buy, come down to JC Golf Carts in Gering. We’ve been the area’s golf car sales and customization leader for almost five years. When you choose to do business with us, you can count on:

  • Top-shelf customer service.
  • A great selection of both new and used models.
  • A wide variety of colors and custom options.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • A parts and service department to keep you running.
  • Pick-up and delivery services.
  • Sales accommodations for individual and fleet purchases.
  • And more!
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Deciding How To Pick The Perfect Golf Car For You

When deciding which style of car — electric golf car or gas golf car — is the right fit for you, there are a few things to consider. Is your new golf car primarily for running around the links on your local course on the weekends, or will it serve in a more traditional transportation role for you? Are you planning on taking your golf car on off-road adventures?


Some other factors to consider are the parameters of your homeowner's insurance and the area in which you live. Some policies don’t allow for stored gasoline under a roofed structure, which may push you toward an electric golf car. If you live in a rural area and use your golf car for hauling supplies and materials across your property, something with more payload and power might be a better fit.

Electric Golf Cars

Electric golf cars offer a distinct list of advantages that many golf car owners find attractive. In recent years, we’ve seen sales of electric golf cars steadily climb, and heard some compelling arguments in favor of them from people who previously owned gas golf cars, but who have switched.


1) Zero Emissions - Operating on an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries, an electric golf car emits zero emissions while being run. The environmentally friendly nature of these cars make them a popular choice.


2) They’re Quiet - Compared to a gas powered golf car with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, an electric golf car is all but silent, especially when not in motion. This is a great choice for you if you prefer a nice, quiet day on the links.


3) Often less expensive - Although this depends on the model and style of electric golf car you choose, often times electric golf cars are less expensive to purchase than their gas-powered counterparts.


4) Low maintenance costs - With fewer moving parts, there are fewer opportunities for mechanical wear and tear or failure when you buy an electric golf car.


5) Lower lifetime costs - Electric golf cars are also typically less expensive to own over the course of their life than a gas golf car. Oil changes, gasoline, and more regular maintenance add up faster than most people think.


1) Fewer custom options than gas golf cars - If you’re looking for a wide range of customizations, make sure to check with us before purchasing your electric golf cart. They usually don't have as many options as gas-powered models.


2) Longer recharge times - Depending on the age and charge level of your battery, charging times can be anywhere from 1-10 hours


3) A dead battery can be very inconvenient - A dead battery at the wrong time can leave you stranded and in need of a tow or a couple of strong, willing pushers.

Gas Golf Cars

Gas golf cars are tried and true. They’ve served many-a-golfer well and boast a strong and loyal following. These are the perfect vehicles for people who are doing more than just golfing or who need a golf car that fills a hybrid role. Additionally, gas-powered models often offer more custom options.


1) Speed - There’s no doubt about it — gas golf cars are more powerful than their electric cousins. Although you should never expect your gas golf car to be a rocket ship, gas-powered cars are better for driving in a community where a minimum speed must be maintained.


2) Better payload - Taking the power play one step further, gas golf cars will maintain their performance under a greater weight of load than an electric golf car will, too.


3) Fast fill-ups - Running out of gas? No problem. Filling up with gasoline is fast, and if you run out for some reason, it’s unlikely that your vehicle will be stuck for very long.


4) Lots of custom options - If you’re looking for black leather seats with a red racing stripe, stylish rims, and other accessories, then a gas golf car might be the right choice for you. Most models are easily customized and come with dealer options.


1) Pollution - In a climate where people tend to be a little more concerned about their carbon footprint, there is no getting around the fact that a gas golf car emits carbon monoxide as it burns fuel.


2) Maintenance costs - Gas golf cars have more moving parts and need more regular lubrication and maintenance to stay in good working order.

3) Lifetime costs - With a typically (slightly) higher initial purchase costs and higher maintenance costs, there’s a good chance that over the course of its lifetime, your gas golf car will cost you more than an electric golf car.

Find Your Perfect New Ride At JC Golf Cars Today

No matter what kind of golf car you are in the market for, the expert team at JC Golf Cars in Gering can help. Our large inventory and parts, service, and customization shop make the choices almost endless. Come by or call today to inquire about the perfect electric golf car or gas golf car for you. We look forward to showing the JC Golf Car difference.